November 16, 2022 Volume XV # 28


In This Issue:

  • Welcome to the 2022-23 Ski Season
  • Season Calendar/Kitchen Hours
  • Snow or No Snow Happy Hour November 25th
  • Cris Dipple Memorial
  • Drop a Line to an Old Friend
  • Coming Events


Welcome to the 2022-2023 Ski Season!

The temperatures are dropping, the snow is falling, and the snow guns are roaring. It’s the beginning of a new ski season at the Caberfae Ski Club!

During the off season, much work has been done on the club house. Our kitchen boasts a new ceiling, electrical wiring, lighting, pot rack and a fresh coat of paint. Work bee members and the House Committee have freshened much of the paint on the main level and restyled our kids play area. Outdoors, new gravel was spread around the building and in the parking area. A short fence and some rocks were installed to protect the new septic system. And doors, ski racks, and fencing were repainted. The place is looking great!

The club is ready for your use whenever Caberfae opens. The kitchen will open on Saturday, November 26th if the ski hill opens. (The kitchen will NOT open on Friday, November 25th. That is an error on the calendar.)


Season Calendar/Kitchen and Bar Hours

The calendar for the season is now posted on the website. Please take the time to look it over. You will notice some adjustments from past seasons for kitchen hours—mostly on Fridays and Sundays. Here’s why.

During the past two seasons, Covid restrictions and worries greatly reduced the business in our kitchen and bar. Although it meant operating at a loss, the board felt it was important to keep this service available to members. After two years, however, it is time to make some adjustments so that the kitchen and bar break even. In order to cover the rising costs of kitchen labor and supplies we need volume of sales. Consulting with Sue, our manager, we trimmed the kitchen hours to eliminate times when sales volume is low. You’ll notice that the kitchen will not be open as many Fridays and that the hours are limited. Additionally, it will close earlier on Sundays.

The shorter kitchen hours do not have to be permanent! We will monitor the use of the facility and listen to the wishes of the members. We can increase the kitchen hours at any time it seems wise.

We have also decided to go back to volunteer bar tenders. Our bar becomes profitable as soon as we do this. We will make every effort to have the bar open from 4:00 - 8:00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

There are two things you can do to keep our kitchen open and our food and liquor prices down.

Use the kitchen and bar! We need volume of sales. Have breakfast on Saturday or Sunday. Stay for lunch after your morning of skiing. Come out for a cocktail on Friday or Saturday.

Volunteer to bartend. When we don’t have to pay a bartender, the bar becomes profitable. Bartending is a great way to meet new people, it’s fun, and you get work bee credit! Email Katie right now at with the date(s) you are available. (See the club calendar for when the bar is scheduled to be open.) Sign up sheets will also be posted in the bar.


Snow or No Snow Happy Hour, Friday, November 25th

Whether the ski hill is open or not, the Stag’s Head Lounge will open for the season with a “Snow or No Snow” happy hour from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. on Friday, November 25th. Come for the après, even if you don’t ski! It will be a great chance to reconnect with your wintertime friends.


Cris Dipple Memorial, November 26th

There will be a memorial service for long-time member Cris Dipple on Saturday, November 26th. A 2:00 service will take place at Harrietta United Methodist Church. Friends are invited to the ski club afterwards for fellowship, food, and sharing of memories. (NOTE: If the ski area is open for skiing on the 26th, the club will be open regular hours for all members—even those not attending the memorial. If the ski area is closed, the club will be open only for those attending the memorial.)


To the Friends of Guy Benson

Many of you know that Guy Benson, probably the oldest ski club member, has moved to an assisted living facility in Frankenmuth. His granddaughter says he would love to hear from his ski club friends. If you’d like to send him a card or letter, his address is: 255 Mayer, Apt. #230, Frankenmuth, MI 48734.


Coming Events


Mark your calendar now! Better yet, print the club calendar and highlight these dates:

November 25th—Happy Hour 4:00 - 8:00 (even if Caberfae is closed)

November 26th—First day for club kitchen if ski hill is open

December 31st—New Year’s Eve Party 4:00 - ?

January 10th—Club Reunion and Potluck

January 14th—New Member Steak Fry


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