April 4, 2023 Volume XVI # 13




In This Issue

-Best Weekend This Season!

-Board News

-Good News

-Volunteer Opportunities for 2023-24



The final weekend was the best weekend of the year! It snowed Saturday about 8” and then Sunday the sun came out for a beautiful spring day. Thank you for another great season to all our members!

Sue and kitchen staff worked hard all season to keep us well fed. Thank you for all your hard work and we all look forward to next season!

Thank you to all who volunteered this past season and those that worked behind the scenes!



At the March 23rd board meeting which was attended by approximately 25 club members via zoom, five board members resigned from their positions and left Paul Waug, Ron Kimball, Karl Hanson and Keenan Cooper to rebuild the board. Paul Waug will serve as interim president until the board can fill the vacant positions per the bylaws of succession and vote on officers. The board would like to thank the resigning board members for serving the club during some difficult years.

On April 1st Paul was approached by secretary/treasurer, Katie Sturgeon, with her letter of resignation after a short year. The board appreciates the time that Katie gave to the club.

Moving forward the board is asking the membership for members who would like to fill the vacant terms left on the board. Please email Paul Waug your letter of interest to the board positions at waugelect@aol.com.



Sue has rescinded her resignation and will be back in the kitchen next season to continue serving her chicken noodle soup! Pretty sure she will bring back those familiar faces in the kitchen as well.


The board has asked Norma Roelfsema to step back in to resume the secretary-treasurer position for the time being.



If interested in earning your work bee credit please select one of our volunteer positions currently available and let Paul know. waugelect@aol.com


Newsletter editor: Have a creative side and want to learn a new skill or already familiar with Mailchimp? We are looking for someone to take provided copy and make it pop into our 2023-24 season.


House committee member: The house is looking pretty good but there are still things that need attention. If you want to be the first to know this is a great position to help with.


Dinner helper: The club has several dinners a year that need help. If you want to know how to fold a napkin elegantly this is the place for you. Help setting up and taking down and everything in between.


Fall cleanup crew: After work bee is over the leaves fall and need to be tended to. Are you up to raking/blowing your way with a work bee credit?


Fall golf outing event planner: Our fall golf outing needs a leader to help organize a fun day of best ball at the Peaks.


Fall canoe trip organizer: The Manistee or the Pine. You make the plans and set the date and let’s see if we can organize a fun day on the river and a picnic.


Mark Your Calendars

- Saturday, May 6 - Work Bee starting at 8:30 am with Noon lunch provided. Email waugelect@aol.com if you know now that you can help out!

-Saturday, July 1 - Bike Ride and Summer Picnic

-Saturday, October 7 - Fall Work Bee and Golf Outing

-More information to come!


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