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"THE JIVE" -- Jerry's Index (for) Vision Excellence

Do you ever wonder which goggles to use -- flat light or sun blocker? 


Club member Jerry Nillson has a theory. To determine how good the vision on the slopes will be pay attention to the sky ceiling. The Club sits at 1300 feet above sea level, so the vision is progressively better as the ceiling rises above that 1300 level. Conversely, the vision is less ideal as the ceiling goes below that 1300 level.


You can check the ceiling by clicking on the map (left) or this link. Doing so will take you to The dots on the map represent various airports, so by clicking or touching a dot you can see the ceiling (for Cadillac, Traverse City, Ludington, Frankfort, and Manistee). Once you know the ceiling, you'll be able to select the appropriate goggles lens for the day. 


In honor of Jerry, we're going to call this new Caberfae Ski Club exclusive vision measurement tool "THE JIVE." This is short for Jerry's Index (for) Vision Excellence. So, from now on, you'll know how to respond if a Club member asks: "What's THE JIVE today?" 

Michigan's Lake Effect Snow