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This ski season was the most unusual winters in history.  COVID-19 brought us unprecedented challenges to keeping our club open and safe.  But out of the gloom and doom came some bright spots. With the support of all of our members, we were able to avoid any health incidents at the club.  We were able to keep some normalcy and even add some new opportunities that will serve us into future seasons.


A big shout out to the house committee.  The group worked hard to bring us the socially distanced outdoor area complete with dining tables, Adirondack chairs, heaters and a fire pit.  Also, a big thanks to Sue and her crew for making adjustments throughout the season to bring us food and drinks, indoor and out. 


While the ski season has ended, the club’s board and committees are already gearing up for the next season. Keep your eye out for a survey coming soon to help chart the future of our dining and kitchen services.  As you may recall, last year a survey determined that these services were high on the list of projects to be addressed.  Now we need to know what you would like to see from any potential changes.


Keep your eye on the website, too.  Soon, the project committee will be posting a multi-year project plan.  This will include a budget for discretionary and nondiscretionary investments that we anticipate in the coming years.


And yes, we will have a Spring Work Bee on May 1, 2021.  Just like last fall, this will be an organized event with limited capacity and social distancing required.  Paul Waug has his list of tasks laid out and ready for members to sign up.  If you plan to help out, please email Paul to sign up:


Again, thanks to each of you for helping give the Caberfae Ski Club a COVID-safe year.


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