Caberfae Ski Club Membership

Dear Prospective Member,


Thank you for your interest in the Caberfae Ski Club. We’re glad that you are considering the benefits of membership in our organization.


We are a family-oriented ski club in the unique position of owning our own property at a ski resort. We exist to gather people who are interested in having fun in the snow by providing a friendly social club for those who enjoy skiing. We have been in existence since the late 1930s. In fact, our club was part of a Cadillac Winter Sports organization which started the original Caberfae Ski area.


We have approximately 190 memberships with members in their 90s to young members just starting their professional or working careers. We have our own food and beverage services at the club, and since we are a not-for-profit group, our prices are lower than typically found at a ski resort. We have ski lockers for rent at a very reasonable rate. Although we have our own parking lot, parking is limited on weekends to those who have parking permits.


The club generally opens for the season when the area opens. Members always have access to locker rooms and the round room, which can be used for warming and donning ski gear.  Our kitchen is open on weekends, through the Christmas holidays, and Presidents’ Day. During the months of January and February, the kitchen is also open on Fridays. Kitchen and bar closing times vary, based on social activities occurring at the club. Season pass holders may pick up their lift tickets at the club on weekend mornings.


Although the club manager serves excellent and tasty lunches at reasonable prices, you are welcome to pack your own lunch if you choose. However, you may not bring alcohol into the club as we have a club liquor license. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed on the second floor. (Certain social events are exceptions to this latter rule.) Parking is not allowed in the club lot on weekends without a parking permit. You may use the lot temporarily to unload and load your vehicle. 


Members may bring guests into the club for a fee. Please review the guest policy for more information. Guests may not purchase alcohol at the club bar.  


Annually, the club has two work bees. One in May and another in October to get the place ready for the next season. Painting, repair, maintenance and other similar work is on the agenda for the day. If you do not participate in one of these work bees, there is a fee added to your annual club invoice. Members are invoiced in September for annual dues and fees.


Hopefully, you will take full advantage of membership. We have a long, long history of great skiing at Caberfae. You can be a part of that history.  

Caberfae Ski Club Membership Application
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CSC Membership Application.pdf
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  • Application Fee - $50
  • Initiation Fee Family - $210
  • Initiation Fee Individual - $105
  • Dues Family -  $230
  • Dues Individual - $115
  • Dues Senior Family - $110
  • Dues Senior Individual - $55
  • Capitol Project Family - $80
  • Capitol Project Individual - $40
  • Work Bee Unattended - $50
  • Lockers - $50

 *See the By-Laws for definitions of memberships. Click here...