Caberfae Ski Club Policies

Caberfae Ski Club House Rules


1. This is your club. It is being operated for you in such a manner that meets the wishes of a majority of the membership.  Any suggestions for improving the club should be addressed to the president or to any board member.


2. Guests may enjoy the privileges of the club when accompanied by a club member in good standing. Please register guests with the manager and pay fees as outlined in the club Guest Policy. Sponsors of guests are responsible for the conduct of those guests.


3. A guest accompanying a member only to eat and drink does not need to be registered. 


4. Children shall not be left unattended in the club.  Parents are responsible for children under the age of 21 and for making sure children have put away toys and other items.


5. No one under the age of 18 shall be allowed upstairs. Exceptions may be made for special events.


6. Food, drink, and merchandise purchased in the club must be paid for at the time of purchase.


7. Club members and guests are to clean their own tables, return dishes, and put litter in containers provided.


8. All alcohol consumed at the club must be purchased at the club. Alcohol may be consumed anywhere inside the club and in the designated, fenced outdoor area.


9. Guests may not purchase alcohol. Only members, age 21 and over, may do so.


10. Boots, coats, and ski bags should be stored in cubbies, on hooks, and under benches.  Please keep tables and seats clear of ski gear.


11. No skis, poles, or snowboards are to be brought into the ski club, except into the locker rooms.  Waxing and tuning of skis is allowed only in the cold locker room.  No skis or snowboards may be left overnight in the locker rooms unless stored in lockers.


12. No member or guest may remove any article belonging to the club without written permission of the board.


13. Pets may not be brought into the club at any time.


14. Caberfae Ski Club is a non-smoking facility.  Smoking is permitted on the upstairs balcony only.


15. Only members with paid parking passes may park in the club lot at specific times.  Temporary parking in the lot for unloading and loading is allowed.  Refer to the club Parking Policy.


16. All complaints shall be addressed to the president or a board member.  Members may not reprove any employee.


17. All members are expected to respect the rights and privileges of other members, conducting themselves in a friendly and courteous manner.


18. The Caberfae Ski Club Board may amend and adopt additional rules when such action is deemed advisable.

Caberfae Ski Club Guest Policy


1. All guests (non-members) must sign in daily and be accompanied by a member host when in the club. Sign in sheet is located at the kitchen counter.

2. Daily guest cost: $15 family, $10 individual, $5 child under 17.

3.Guest fee will be waived when a member invites a guest into the club only for a drink, meal, or evening event. (Guest fees must be paid if the guest uses the facilities for anything other than a drink, meal, or evening event.)


Caberfae Ski Club Parking Policy 


1. All members may park in the lot at any time on weekdays, excluding holidays and Christmas week. One car per membership, please.


2. All members may park in the lot any day after 4:00 p.m. One car per membership, please.


3. All members may pull into the lot to load and unload gear at any time. When finished, cars should be moved to the main ski resort lot.  Do not park behind the Mackenzie Lodge.


4. During the ski season, only members with a paid parking pass may park in the club lot on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays before 4:00 p.m.


5. Parking passes must be displayed so they are visible through the windshield. Passes are non-transferable.  If a pass is forgotten, the club manager will provide a temporary pass. Temporary passes must be returned at the end of the day.


6. Violators who park in the lot without a parking pass will be issued a written notice, placed on the windshield. A second offense will result in a $25 fine added to the next year’s dues and moving 3 places down on the parking pass waiting list. Chronic offenders are subject to towing and/or loss of membership. The same consequences apply for parking behind the Mackenzie Lodge.


7. If the lot is full, members may double park if they leave their keys with the club manager or inform the member whom they are blocking in.


8. All members are placed on the parking pass waiting list when they join.  The waiting list order is determined by the date when the first dues check is received by the treasurer.  The tie breaker for those members whose checks come in on the same day is the date the application fee was received.