February 2, 2023 Volume XVI # 8


Kitchen Hours This Weekend -- Friday: 11:00-1:00 Saturday: 8:30-3:00 Sunday: 8:30-1:00


Events This Week

 -Friday: Happy Hour 4:00 - 8:00

 -Saturday: Annual Meeting at 4:30; Steak Fry at 6:30


In This Issue

 -Annual Meeting and Steak Fry on Saturday

 -Proposed Addition to By-Laws

 -Mexican Potluck, Saturday, March 4th

 -Logo Wear Sale

 -No Self-Service Bar

 -Bartenders This Weekend


Annual Meeting and Steak Fry this Saturday

The Annual Meeting is this Saturday, February 25th at 4:30 PM. If you cannot attend in person, and would like to do so virtually, please email Katie at secretary-treasurer@caberfaeskiclub.org. Please do this by Thursday. A Zoom link will be sent to you prior to the meeting.


A steak dinner will follow the meeting at 6:30 PM. Please sign up on the bulletin board in the rest room hall or by emailing Sue at caberfaeskiclub@yahoo.com if you plan to attend. Sue really needs you to respond by Friday at the latest.


Proposed Addition to the By-Laws


One of the items of business at the Annual Meeting will be to vote on a proposed addition to the by-laws. If you will not be attending the annual meeting, please send your proxy vote on this proposal. You may send a signed proxy with a friend or email Katie at secretary-treasurer@caberfaeskiclub.org with your vote before Saturday at 4:00 PM.


By-Laws currently state -- Article VI, Section 6:

 . . . Annual capital expenditures totaling more than 75% of that year’s capital project fund must be approved by two thirds of the members present at an Annual or Special membership meeting.


The proposal would add the following: If the board requires a timely approval on a capital expenditure, they may choose to submit a spending request to the membership via email. Emails shall be sent to all voting addresses. An explanation of the issue, pros and cons of approval, and reasons why a swift decision is needed shall be explained in the email. Members will be given at least 48 hours to respond via email. Approval of such a measure requires a yes vote by 2/3 of the respondents.


Mexican Potluck on Saturday, March 4th

 Happy Hour on Saturday the 4th will have a south of the border flair. Members should bring their favorite Mexican cuisine to share. We can probably convince the bartenders to put some margaritas on the menu too!


Logo Wear Sale

This week is your last chance to purchase gear with our ski club logo. Go to https://armadillo.printavo.com/merch/caberfae-ski-club. The site is active until February 28th.


No Self-Service Bar

 Due to stipulations on our liquor liability insurance, members may not help themselves to drinks in the early afternoon before bartenders arrive. Never fear—Sue sells a limited selection of beer and wine from the kitchen until the full bar opens. Also, it is permissible to enjoy your drink anywhere inside the club, or outside within our fenced area.


Bartenders this Weekend

 Paul Waug will be serving drinks on Friday. On Saturday, for our annual meeting and steak fry, Seth and Kourtney Houk along with Nate and Lauren Houk will be bartending. By the way—the bar is closed during the meeting, so you may want to arrive early enough to quench your thirst before it gets started!

A belated thank you to Jeff Taylor and Michael Maher who stepped in last Friday evening to make sure no one went thirsty.


Coming Events

-Annual Meeting and Steak Fry—this Saturday

-Mexican Potluck at Happy Hour—Saturday, March 4th


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