Celebrating Over 80 Years of Skiing and Lifelong Friendships

February 8, 2022      Vol. XV, #15


Family Fun Day was off the charts!  Sheri Winquist-Frye posted  “ What a great day ... Ending with the Full Bar upstairs.  ♥️♥️“


It was a postcard weekend.  Thank you to all who played a role in making it a success!  Please give a big CSC Thank You to Craig Weidner and James Netzley, Race Director of the Club Races for our youngest members; Paul Waug for keeping the bonfire contained; DJ Glenn Stout for keeping the music even hotter; James Garthe for the very important job of tending the bar; and Sue for rustling up the s'mores and hotdogs.  Waddy posted “So nice to see ski club almost normal! 🤗”


Here are the results of our racers.....


Name.                     Age Group.    Time Differential

Athens Woods               0- 4                   31.21

Rosie Ellis                      5-6                    21.64

Evelyn VanHaren           7-8                    16.00

Grant Ellis                      7-8                    18.38

Eli Oldenburg                 7-8                    21.12

Ryan Boshoven              7-8                    22.90


Inside this issue:

1. What's Happening this Weekend!

2.  Annual Meeting

3.  Last Chance to VOTE!

4. President's Day Ticket Agent and Kitchen Hours


Here's what's happening this weekend


* Clubhouse Grill opens for breakfast at 9:30 a.m. with service until 2 p.m.

* Lifts open at 10 a.m.

* Ticket Elf available until 11:15 a.m.

* Bar service in the Stag's Head Lounge from 4 - 7 p.m. 

        If you wish fresh air access to the bar, consider the outside staircase.



* Clubhouse Grill opens for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. with service until 3 p.m.

* Lifts open at 9 a.m.

* Ticket Elf available until 11:15 a.m.

* Bar service in the Stag's Head Lounge from 4 - 8 p.m.  

        If you wish fresh air access to the bar, consider the outside staircase.



* Clubhouse Grill opens for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. with service until 2 p.m.

* Lifts open at 9 a.m.

* Ticket Elf available until 11:15 a.m.

* Barn Door gets pulled at 2 p.m. preserving your valuables until the next Friday.



The annual meeting will be held on Saturday, February 26th at 4 p.m. in the Stag's Head Lounge for those that would like to attend in person.  The meeting will also be offered online for those that would like to view by Zoom. Please give Norma your name and email and she will get you a link to the meeting. roelfsen@gmail.com or by voting for your candidate and signing up on question number 2.



Voting will be open for one week only. Sunday, February 6th to NOON, Sunday, February 13th. 



My husband (Doug) and I moved to our cottage in 2015 when he retired. We live at Caberfae for 6 months and the other half of the year in Traverse City. Although Doug is retired, I decided to continue working in the green industry at Garden Goods in Traverse City, where I have worked for 6 years.


I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Michigan, where I also met Doug. I was so fortunate to find someone who also shares a passion for skiing. I’ve skied for 55 years, 43 of those years have been at Caberfae, and I’ve been a member of the ski club for over 30 years.


I’ve volunteered my time at the club in various capacities over the years from bartending on New Year’s Eve to cleaning up Caberfae Road, and most recently, serving on the Outdoor Patio Committee.


My goal is to continue to make necessary improvements to the club that benefit the majority of the members, while being fiscally responsible.



My name is Keenan Cooper for those of you who may not know me. I am the son of Brian and Stacey Cooper and grew up with the ski club as a second home of mine in the winter. My parents first had me on a pair of skis at Caberfae about the same time I was learning how to stand on my own two feet and took off running from there. As a member of the Cadillac Junior Race Program and eventually a member of the Cadillac High School Ski Team I found myself out at Caberfae and at the ski club almost every day in the winter. Eventually once it was time to move on, I found myself at Northern Michigan University pursuing a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management. During that time my desire to ski and race did not wane. I was a member of the club ski racing team at Northern and helped coach the Marquette High School Ski Team. When I was not racing, I found myself traveling around and trying to find places to hike to ski and spending many a day at Mt. Bohemia near the tip of the Keweenaw peninsula. Despite all the places I traveled and skied at, Caberfae and the ski club was still home to me. Upon graduation I spent another winter in Marquette coaching the high school ski team and shoveling roofs to pay for rent (and beer). After that winter I moved back down to Cadillac to begin my career, which started in Harrietta at Harrietta Hills Trout Farm. That job allowed me to spend time in the area, close to home as I investigated the future for the next step. The next step came this previous fall. Currently I am an Environmental Quality Analyst for the Water Resources Division of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. On top of that I remain very involved coaching the junior race program at Caberfae and trying to pass on the knowledge I have gained throughout the years.


As a recent legacy member of the club, I would love to pay it forward and provide any insight I can provide into the future of the club. The ski club is a place I hold near and dear to my heart and my upbringing would not have been the same without it. With my love for Caberfae and the club, as well as my background within the world of skiing, I feel I could provide insight from a younger generation of club members. Thank you in advance for my consideration.



Hello Caberfae Ski Club,


My name is Mike McGuire and I am once again running for the Board of Directors for the Cadillac Ski Club, I’m a native of Cadillac, and I was brought up as a club member when I was a kid back in 1970's and early 80's. I may have raised a little hell on the ski slopes.  My folks used to say that we would spend countless hours on the slopes and enjoy the comfort, hospitality, and friendship of the club and yes even some scars to prove it.


Now, 150 years later (or so it feels like anyway), my own boys are taking off with their friends and leaving Marsha, my wife, and I to hang out by the fire pit, scratching our heads and enjoying a beverage while we wonder where the heck they are . . . out making their own memories and gaining their own set of scars, no doubt. (If you see them doing something dangerous though, don’t tell Marsha, it makes her crazy!) 


It only took Marsha and me about six years to get off the waiting list to become members, but boy did it come just at the right time.  All of our boys have definitely made good use of the facilities and have quickly made up for any lost time on the waiting list.  They are all HUGE fans of Sue’s chicken noodle soup, burgers, and those killer milk shakes.  For Marsha and me, it’s great just to meet old friends and new at the club especially this year as we play, who’s behind the mask again?  


I’m currently in the business of helping people buy and sell Real Estate with Coldwell Banker for the last eight years.  In my previous life I ran McGuire's Resort which had a huge food and beverage component, and Hospitality was our #1 Goal.  I have been involved in several Boards over the years such as (Cadillac Area Community Foundation (new member), Michigan Amputee Golf Association (Current Board Member), Cadillac Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Cadillac Visitors Bureau, the Clam Lake Township DDA board of Directors, Cascade Board of the Directions)  


I have always understood that ‘you get what you give’ in life.  I feel that with my various experiences serving others, running a resort (with food and beverage), and dealing with employees and board members, I can make a significant contribution to your board.


See you in the club and on the Slopes!



Hello Caberfae Ski Club members,


My name is Josh McTaggart and I would like to represent you as your next Caberfae Ski Club board member!


I’ve had love for Caberfae since I was a teenager coming from Bay City to ski back in the 1990s. Brooke and I moved to Cadillac in 2001 as I transferred with Consumers Energy to train as a lineman. Priority number 1 for me is getting the lights on for the Caberfae Family! We have made Cadillac our home for 21 years with our kids graduating from Cadillac High School. Cameron is a CMU graduate and Emma is currently attending Mid-Michigan Community College and was a ski rental worker at Caberfae Peaks!


I was re-introduced to Caberfae Peaks by a friend and Caberfae Peaks carried over into my family as Emma took a love to skiing. In 2014, the McTaggart clan got on the waiting list for the ski club. In 2018, our family was able to join the ski club and the membership welcomed us with open arms.


Covid has made the last 2 years a challenge for everyone. I feel our current board has done a great job in keeping the club open and our membership safe. The club is making improvements every year and I believe I can be a team player with decision making and listening to the membership of what improvements they would like as well. The waiting list does take a while to move and I would like to help with solutions to get more new members in the door.


I am really looking forward to being more involved in our ski club and feel I would make a difference. I respectfully ask for your vote and see you on the ski hill!



I am excited to run for an open board member position at the Caberfae Ski Club for a second time. I want to say thank you to our current board who has done a wonderful job managing our club through the uncertainty of COVID while following all state and federal regulations which allowed our club to stay open. 


Caberfae Ski Club holds a special place in my heart, as it does for all members, since I grew up skiing at the club with my grandparents (Bob and Ariadne Winquist). Like most of you, we all appreciate the years of history, and how unique of an institution the Caberfae Ski Club is. 


Running for the board isn’t something I take lightly. It would be my priority to make sure the club remains a place of community and enjoyment for all. It would be my honor to work on behalf of the members.


I have volunteered to work on boards for non-profit and for-profit organizations with different roles ranging from director of Finance and HR. Serving on the board is the least I can do to give back to the club I care so much about. I look forward to serving all members if you determine me qualified to do so and cast your vote for me.


4. PRESIDENT'S DAY - A Four Day Weekend!

Just a heads up, there will be a ticket agent in the building on Monday, February 21, 2022.  In addition, Sue will open the kitchen at 8:30 a.m. and will close the barn door at 2!



This is your club and we’d like to hear your ideas to continually improve the Caberfae Ski Club for the enjoyment of you and your family.  Let us hear your suggestions. Email us at: caberfaeskiclub@caberfaeskiclub.org   If you have a story or an article you’ve written that you’d like to share with club members in the eNewsletter, please email or call the eNewsletter editor.




Caberfae Ski Club web page: www.caberfaeskiclub.org 

Send your favorite photo-moments from the club or the slopes to neffzone@yahoo.com

Club Wi-Fi Password:  Check the bulletin board in the hall near the dining room

Caberfae Ticket Agent available Fri, Sat., & Sun. until 11:15 a.m. 

Calendar of Events: www.caberfaeskiclub.org/calendar

Dinner Reservation Hotline: dinnerreservations@caberfaeskiclub.org

I Forgot to Make Dinner Reservation Phone Line: (231) 920-6769 (Sue’s personal cell phone)

General Caberfae Ski Club email address: caberfaeskiclub@caberfaeskiclub.org

Caberfae Peaks Resort: www.caberfaepeaks.com 


Board Members

Pat Bourassa, President

Cathy Maher, First Vice President

Paul Waug, Second Vice President, Social Chairman

Mary Jane Canfield, board member

Ron Kimball, board member

Brian Nyland, board member

Stacey Potthoff-Dimmer, board member

Lauren Rule, board member



Club Secretary/Treasurer - Norma Roelfsema

Assistant Club Treasurer - David Reiser

Club Manager - Sue Egelus

Club Webmaster - Jim Neff