New Storage Building and Partnership to Maintain the MacKenzie Trail


The Friends of the MacKenzie Trail (FOTMT), a local non-profit organization whose mission is to help maintain the MacKenzie trails, has approached the Caberfae Ski Club (CSC) about constructing a 16x20’ storage building at the CSC. The building would be for the purpose of storing a new XC trail groomer and located near the southwest corner of the CSC property. The CSC location is proposed because it provides direct access to the MacKenzie Trail system, as well as additional benefits in terms of safety, comfort and security for equipment and volunteers. The CSC Board of Directors wants to hear from the membership on this proposed partnership, and has developed a simple survey question to gauge interest and feedback: 



The Friends of the MacKenzie Trail is proposing donating up to $20,000 to the Caberfae Ski Club for the entire construction cost of a storage building on the southwest corner of the property to house the new MacKenzie Trail XC groomer for a period of 10 years. 


Do you support construction of this donated facility and acceptance of the arrangement? 







FAQ regarding proposed building and agreement between Caberfae Ski Club (CSC) and Friends of the MacKenzie Trail (FOTMT)


What is the Friends of the MacKenzie Trail?

The Friends of the MacKenzie Trail is a group of CSC members and other MacKenzie Trail enthusiasts who take care of the trail system, mainly clearing it in the non-winter months and grooming it in the winter months for all to enjoy. It went from an informal group to a legal organization in 2022 because the CSC was not the right type of non-profit to partner with the U.S. Forest Service and pursue funding that can support the cause.


What will the proposed storage building be used for?

The building will house the new XC trail groomer and some other trail maintenance equipment as it is adjacent to the seasonal connector and can provide direct trail access in the winter. An added benefit for CSC members is that a trail will now be groomed from the CSC all the way to marker 21.


Will the CSC be responsible for any costs associated with the construction of the building?

No, the FOTMT will pay for all construction costs in exchange for being able to store their equipment there for 10 years.


What happens after 10 years?  

The hope is that the arrangement is mutually beneficial and new lease terms can be determined that reflect it. If not, the CSC can simply use the building for its own storage purposes.


Will the CSC incur costs in operating and maintaining the building? 

Yes, because the CSC will own the building the costs to operate the building will include added electric, insurance, and potentially property taxes. These costs are expected to be about $50/month. The FOTMT will carry their own renter’s insurance policy for the equipment in the building.


Where will the building be located?

The building will be located on the southwest corner of the property where the old fire pit used to be, adjacent to the new septic drainfield. The groomer approach will not run over the drainfield. A rough sketch of the proposed layout and design is included below.  



Will the building require modification to CSC property? 

There will be some excavating and tree removal required for the foundation and the approach for the groomer. Aside from that the site is mostly clear already.


How large is the building? 

16 ft. X 20 ft.


What will the building look like?

It will be a rectangular pole barn with two garage doors. The Club will pick metal siding and roofing colors that compliment the facade of the ski club.


How will the building be used?

FOTMT volunteer groomers expect to use the groomer 10-12 times per year, generally during the week after a snowfall to prep the trail for weekend use. Volunteer groomers will not be allowed to park in the CSC parking lot unless, of course, they are CSC members adhering to existing CSC parking policies.


Why was the CSC location chosen? 

The CSC location is selected because it provides direct access to the MacKenzie Trail via an established “connector” which links the Caberfae base area to the MacKenzie Trail system. The CSC location is also accessible to the volunteers who support grooming efforts, many of whom are CSC members. The CSC is also ideal in terms of maximizing safety, comfort and security for both grooming equipment and volunteers. 


Who can I contact with more questions?

Any CSC Board member or Sam Hogg with FOTMT.