Celebrating 80 Years of Skiing and Lifelong Friendships

January 5, 2021      Vol. XIV, #9


Inside this issue:

1.  Santa stopped by the clubhouse

2.  Beginning this Saturday afternoon

3.  Breakfast and lunch hours

4.  Attention Family Membership holders. 

5.  Sam's No Bad News (2020-21, Volume II)


1.  Santa stopped by the clubhouse this afternoon (1/5) and dropped down the chimney into the round room to drop off a little something he found in the bottom of his bag.  The wrapping paper was a little wrinkled, but none the worse for wear.  He was quite embarrassed.  Sue was speechless as she ran off to grab a couple of her famous cinnamon twists.  When she got back to the round room Norma was giving Santa a big hug (awkward!).  Turns out Santa was delivering our amended liquor license allowing the Caberfae Ski Club to serve booze, outdoors at the all new COVID Corral.  It should be noted there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Sue and Norma spent the afternoon teetotaling with Santa.  It wasn’t tea.


2.  Beginning this Saturday afternoon, a limited selection of beer and wine will be available from the club’s new bartender.  If you don’t find the server out on the COVID Corral, come around to the Ski-Thru dining window and ask Sue to send the server out to the Corral.  The hours for this new service will be posted.  Please remember the libations must be enjoyed inside the COVID Corral.


3.  Breakfast and lunch hours have been adjusted slightly to 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


4.  Attention Family Membership holders.  If you haven’t done so, please send Norma your second official email address to be used by the second adult for voting.  If you don’t, you only get one vote at Annual Meeting time.  In our enlightened day and age, a Family Membership now grants voting privileges to a second adult member.


5.  Sam's No Bad News (2020-21, Volume II)


Holy smokes, we can do this! Skeptics have been silenced. Sue and crew, dressed up like Daft Punk, are slinging food and drink through the takeout window to folks enjoying around club-sponsored heaters and various tailgate setups that get more complex with each passing day. XC expeditions are departing on a fairly regular schedule. Caberfae is getting their skier numbers dialed in and embracing the enthusiasm while strictly enforcing safety. A season pass holder was refunded quite publicly on Saturday for refusing to wear a mask. Patron self-policing is also occurring in the lift lines. I suspect us skiers may be adapting faster than all these COVID variants.  Apparently all we needed was a season we weren’t willing to lose. 

In other good news, the holiday rush is transitioning over to the more predictable routine – midweek retirees, evening racers, and weekend regulars. I don’t mind battling December crowds, but I understand those who wait and look forward to seeing them emerge to join this interesting year. I also like seeing the parking lot packed during the holidays as it seems to be positively correlated to snowmaking investments the next year that disproportionately benefit the usual suspects.


But enough about downhill, the XC skiing has been terrific! Doug Chesney groomed the entire intermediate MacKenzie loop right after the big dump and it is still yielding great track skiing. Grooming right after a snowfall is so important in the era of wild temperature swings.  If it is not packed down it is gone the next time it warms up. Every trip out to the MacKenzie shows increasing usage, including many on Caberfae rental skis accessing through the improved connector. The XC resource we have is tremendous but the predictability rests on the shoulders of too few. Our grooming machines are getting unreliable, our volunteers aren’t getting any younger, and the trail maintenance is not getting easier. Bigger plans are in the works, so if you have a dog in this fight please click on the link below, answer five questions, and stay tuned for more details.


Lauren is not cooking this Sunday, so I’m off to grab takeout from Beatie’s and catch a glimpse of some night skiing before Monday and Tuesday evenings are off the table for the year. Happy 2021 to all!


Choose to be optimistic, it feels better. – The 14th Dalai Lama


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Board Members

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Ron Kimball, Immediate Past President

Mary Jane Canfield, First Vice President

Paul Waug, Second Vice President, Social Chairman

Tac Lee, board member

Cathy Maher, board member

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Lauren Rule, board member


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