Celebrating 80 Years of Skiing and Lifelong Friendships

January 6, 2020      Vol. XIII, #10



NEW MEMBER STEAK FRY is this Saturday, January 11th and dinner is free ... BUT ONLY if you joined less than one year ago.  So, if Mary Jane Canfield tries to tell you she's a new member again this year ... just laugh and tell her she owes you a drink.

     Now, the steak dinner is free for new members, all others need to pay up-front (no credit), and everyone needs to signup on the bulletin board, or send Sue a note dinnerreservations@caberfaeskiclub.org 

telling her your name and the number of mouths to feed.

     Steaks will be expertly prepared by members of the recently paroled ChromeDomes PlusOne, PlusAnotherOne.  The Domers include: Ron Kimball, Tac Lee, and Steve Roelfsema.  The PlusOne is Pat Bourassa.  The PlusAnotherOne is the ancient and honorable David Reiser.  Dave is so ancient that he was around when the glaciers pushed up the ridge from Tournament Hill to the Bowl.  And so honorable that ... ... OK, suggestions may be submitted for consideration.

     Dinner will be served precisely at 6 p.m. and the Stag's Head Lounge will have been satisfying parched thirsts for hours before hand.  



The true heroes behind the bar:

Friday, January 10th: Manleys

Saturday, January 11th: Winquists

Next Thursday, January 16th: Cathy Maher (Reunion Potluck)


Still seeking bartenders for January 24th (Fish Fry), February 1st and many other days. Wanna be a big shot?  Go to https://tinyurl.com/ukyfg4x and see how cool it is to be cool.


CABERFAE SKI CLUB BOOK CLUB will hold a open monthly meeting this Friday, January 10th at 1 p.m. in the Stag's Head Lounge.  There will be strict adherence to Robert's Rules of Order regarding wine pours and book selection.  There may even be some discussion about the book.  If you've had enough skin for the day, climb on up and see what's reading.


CLUB REUNION POTLUCK WITH DJ GLENN - Next Thursday, January 16th at 5 p.m.  Come plug in your crockpot, peal back the aluminum foil, remove the plastic wrap, and enjoy the culinary treasures of your neighbors, along with and some tunes provided by club DJ Glenn.  




This is your club and we’d like to hear your ideas to continually improve the Caberfae Ski Club for the enjoyment of you and your family.  Let us hear your suggestions. Email us at: caberfaeskiclub@caberfaeskiclub.org.  If you have a story or an article you’ve written that you’d like to share with club members in the eNewsletter, please email or call the eNewsletter editor.



Caberfae Ski Club web page: www.caberfaeskiclub.org 

Send your favorite photo-moments from the club or the slopes to neffzone@yahoo.com

Club Wi-Fi Password:  Check the bulletin board in the hall near the dining room

Caberfae Ticket Agent available Fri, Sat., & Sun. until 11:15 a.m. 

Calendar of Events: www.caberfaeskiclub.org/calendar

Dinner Reservation Hotline: dinnerreservations@caberfaeskiclub.org

I Forgot to Make Dinner Reservation Phone Line: (231) 920-6769 (Sue’s personal cell phone)

General Caberfae Ski Club email address: caberfaeskiclub@caberfaeskiclub.org

Caberfae Peaks Resort: www.caberfaepeaks.com 


Board Members

Ron Kimball, President

Shane Demek, Immediate Past President

Mary Jane Canfield, First Vice President

Paul Waug, Second Vice President, Social Chairman

Pat Bourassa, board member

Jeff Conradson, board member

Mary Jane Dewey-Canfield, board member

Tac Lee, board member

Cathy Maher, board member

Lauren Rule, board member

Club Secretary/Treasurer Norma Roelfsema 

Assistant Club Treasurer David Reiser 

Club Manager Sue Egelus 

Club Webmaster Jim Neff

Historical Committee Bernie Bovee Paul Williams

 eNewsletter Pat Goggin, editor, enewsletter@caberfaeskiclub.org