June 23, 2020 - Summer Edition
No Bad News by Sam Hogg
Hello from the other side!  State-mandated quarantine is over, cases are down, let’s all go….well, who knows.  I have a feeling Governor Whitmer's much-resented overbearingness will be like unwanted advice from my mom - it really irks me when she offers it but even more so when she turns out to be right.  In any case, welcome to post-lockdown ski club.  More details on that from Norma and the board who will work tirelessly to transition us back to the closest state of normal they feel is safe.  Remember, you can’t spell “normal" without “Norma” and to give the board some patience and cooperation.  The decisions ahead are slightly harder than Michelob vs. Miller in the third cooler slot.  Whether you are a doctor or disbeliever, your input is valued.

Those of us holed up at Caberfae this spring formed new bonds.  After we talked Doug Chesney down from installing a gate at Caberfae Lane to keep the downstate cooties out, we rallied for coordinated grocery pickups/deliveries by the young and tech-savvy, socially distanced walks spearheaded by the elders, and even some dropbox meal sharing once we found out that was OK to do.  Many of us actually shopped at Coyote Crossing.  Yes, you heard it right.  Pete and Julie opened up their Sysco account for us locals to buy food and wares four miles from home.  Waddy was in heaven.  The last remaining piece of his stay-at-Caberfae-always puzzle was solved, and partially mandated!  Coyote had to reverse course when they reopened for business, but fortunately Robin braves trips to town looking for something called “produce” anyways.  Thanks much, Pete and Julie, for continuing to be the trusted outpost in the woods.

In our world, quarantine from grouchy Gretchen was replaced by quarantine mandated by frequently-hungry Brooks David Hogg, born into the world healthy and happy on May 29th.  His very-pregnant mom and I walked over 150 miles this spring in the lead up to delivery, exploring every last inch of the resort, both little villages, 38 road, and beyond.  Brooks knew the lay of the land before he arrived and was even more pleased when he saw Caberfae in person.  So much so, in fact, that he seems to be happy pretty much anywhere but his bassinet inside of our chalet.  I think he feels like he’s missing out on something.  His enthusiasm is a constant reminder to us that the future will be exciting even if the present is a bit off.  I mean, it took a Great Depression to invent the chocolate chip cookie.  Where would we all be without that?  

I hope to see you all at the fall work bee and golf outing.  Our club and XC trail have some deferred maintenance to tend to.  In the interim, have a nice summer with an emphasis on the word “nice.”  The world could use more of it, and it can conveniently transcend across any belief system.  It is also more contagious than any virus can be.  It needs no vector, just an example to be caught. 

“I know that man is capable of great deeds.  But if he isn’t capable of great emotion, well, he leaves me cold."  Albert Camus, The Plague


Keep your eyes open for a survey coming soon.  The board needs your help to prioritize future projects.