Celebrating 80 Years of Skiing and Lifelong Friendships

December 11, 2018      Vol. XII, #9

More than 80 years (January 1937)


Inside this issue…





 1.  NEW YEAR’S EVE is less than three weeks away!  I’m pretty sure that struck fear in a lot of gentlemen out there.  You know who you are.  The one’s that haven’t started you Christmas shopping yet because there’s plenty of time.  Blahahaha!  As the panic sets in, let me leave you with some lessons I’ve learned after 43 years of wedded bliss: Make sure her gifts ‘fit,’ ‘smell good,’ or are ‘multifaceted.’  I’m warning you!  Don’t get her anything that plugs into the wall.  You may not live to see New Year’s Eve … she may strangle you with the cord during the night.


About New Year’s Eve. We’re going to try something different this year.  The club will not be serving dinner.  We found more and more folks like to stay home and have dinner with the kids.  Others like to go out to dinner.  Or you may get lucky and be invited to a friend’s home for dinner.  But, like fish, after three hours things start to get old.  Well, we figure that’s about 8 o’clock … or any time after 5:30.  Mosey on over the Stag’s Head Lounge and join Waddy at the bar.  Here’s the plan.  Everyone bring an appetizer to share.  The dance floor will be down and Glenn Stout will be spinning the platters … or a jump drive, setting the tone and the mood to ring in the New Year.  The rest is up to you.  But in the meantime, guys, get your Christmas shopping done.


2.  WADDY’S NO BAD NEWS REPORT - Tuesday December 11th, 2018


Want to know a little bit about me?  Come to my house (at Caberfae)!  A picture of self indulgence!  Three workshops, a poolroom, a large, well used fireplace (my chair plunked right in front of it!), and a big tv! I built a nice big kitchen for Robin, but even that provides ME with a view of the forest and ski area lights, and the fruits of her labors.  I admit, she does love her kitchen, and likes to spend lots of time in it, but still it's function  boils down to ME.  It's enough to make one wonder about purpose.  I was told by one of my teachers long ago, that we're here to evolve.  Procreate and evolve, mentally and physically.  Some more successfully than others.  This is probably a good point to change the subject....


As Winter approaches each Fall, I choose to seek long term forecasts from various sources and people.  Some watch Nature's clues, some watch weather sites, some look outside.  So far, in this early Winter, and we must remember it's early, it seems Scientists 1, Farmers' Almanac 0.  The former spoke of a warmer, drier than usual Winter, the latter spoke of a colder, wetter Winter.  This past week has been a tease, temps hovering just above and below freezing.  Enough to drive snow-making crews bonkers.  Each time they have to turn the guns off, they have to drain the water lines to prevent freezing.  What a pain!  Although Tim has said his crews are proficient and efficient.  About a half hour and all lines are safe.  As I type, the hills are silent.  Shortly I'll feed and walk our 'borrowed' dog (Jane Allison's Golden Retriever, whilst she and Dan go to ski for a week at Beaver Creek), and I'll probably go out back to the golf course, and walk the cart paths.  There's some snow, but not enough to impede walking.  XC is marginal, at best.  Our last Saturday XC ski on the figure 8 loop kept our interest, no complaints.  We did find one new large clump of trees down across the path.  That provided entertainment as various of us chose different routes around it.  Doug Chesney reported that he stepped on bathroom scales yesterday morning, and was inspired to conscript his wife, Julie, to help him return to the figure 8, and remove the obstacles.  They returned hours later, successfully!  He appeared very sweaty, but about the same size as I remember...  But thanks you two!  Even an inch or two of new snow will restore interest in the trails.  Less than that will restore interest in the bar.


North Peak and associated trails are in great shape!  In our new era of skiing man-made, groomed snow, I like to keep my skis well tuned.  You too?  (Remember, Joe Host will conduct a tuning seminar in the club Sat. January 12th.  I've seen them before, well worth your time)

Until this coming Friday, when the whole area is predicted open, we've been restricted to North Peak only.  On one ride up the triple last weekend, we noted that the flow up and down the hill was remarkably even.  As the crowd built, the lines at the bottom were longer, and the bodies on the hill increased, but still an even flow.  I think I remember when Tim and Pete introduced the concept of a new lift on North Peak, Tim spoke of studies they had done, and determined that a triple chair (rather than quad) would ensure a correct flow, considering the size of our hill.  It seems it worked.  Pretty cool!  Something a lot of us 'experts' would never have thought of.


Jeez- it's only 4:30, and already getting darker!  Borrowed pooch is reminding me it's dinner time.  So, I'm outta here once again.

Usual fine print disclaimers- make your own up.

See ya Friday, I'm going to try for first chair again.



PS- for goodness sake, in this god-forsaken political climate, be Kind and Considerate of one another.  The scope of media manipulation is beyond comprehension, but effective.  -EWP



3.  A NOTE ABOUT BORDER SECURITY.  Here’s the skinny on security at the club.  Sue unlocks the clubhouse on weekends and, with the exception of the parking lot door, locks up the joint on her way out in the late afternoon.  That means if you find yourself all alone in the clubhouse after, say five o’clock, you are asked to lock the parking lot door when you leave.  Even if you see cars in the parking lot.  That means you have to use your CSC issued key to lock that parking lot door.  Remember that key?  The very key which every adult member of the CSC had bestowed upon them when they learned the secret handshake … that key for the parking lot door, right?  What?  Au contraire!  Tell me it’s not so?  Ok, Ok, here are the top ten excuses about clubhouse keys.  1. My darling (wife, husband, son, daughter, nephew, girlfriend) lost it.  2. It fell out of my pock on the North Peak chair.  3. I flushed it down the toilet.  3. The dog ate it.  4. It’s at home.  5. I lost it.  6. It fell down in the crack between the seats.  7. I didn’t know I needed it.  8. Oh! That’s what that key was for?  9. I loaned it to my buddy and never got it back.  10. (and the most common excuse is) … I never got one.  Whatever!  If you need a REPLACEMENT contact Norma and she will happily give you another.  (note to the board of directors.  It would have been cheaper to get a retina scanner for the back door).



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