Celebrating nearly 80 Years of Skiing and Lifelong Friendships

December 4, 2018      Vol. XII, #8



Editor’s note: Those who braved the short lift lines last weekend enjoyed midwinter snow conditions and had the slopes to themselves.  Note to self: Best to question the reliability of weather apps that get their weather forecasts from Al Gore.




1.  MOGULS … Little bumps of information





NEW YEAR’S EVE is less than four weeks away and the Ski Club Elves are sitting about the alter in the Stag’s Head Lounge tossing about ideas to ring in the New Year.  Can’t you just picture em, talking over one another in their squeaky little voices?


TUNING YOUR SKIS is not just for racers.  Mark your calendar for January 12th(New Member steak night), Joe Host will set up his tuning bench at 5 p.m. to show us how to better maintain our skis.


A LOST KEY HAS BEEN FOUND and is with Sue in the kitchen, for safe keeping.


2. WADDY’S NO BAD NEWS REPORT - Tuesday December 4th, 2018. 


'Waddy's No Bad News'....?  I'm thinking of amending that title to something a little more... appropriate? Like 'Waddy's Current Recollections', or 'Are My Opinions Really Fake News?', or 'If It's All Fake, Is Anything or Anyone Relevant?'.  Chances are I'll think about it, reflect for a bit, then forget what I was thinking about, and reality will once again have the surreal sheen of ignorant bliss.  So, bearing in mind that you're dealing with an addled system of sensors, and a muddled CPU, I'll get on with my task at hand- tell you what I think I know, now.  It doesn't matter, by the time I get to the end of whatever it is I'm writing today, I'll have changed my mind.  


I seem to have a knack, and take great pleasure in dealing with folks much younger than myself. I like to tease the very young to see if there's 'anybody home', then to make them laugh so they don't take me or themselves too seriously.  And in doing so, learn from them.  Dealing with older kids, high school and college age, I realize they're much smarter than I am.  I was the smartest I've ever been, then. Since then it's all downhill, I can't process sensory input like I used to, and certainly can't retain it either.  If my mind's in a state of atrophy, what's left? What can I offer to rationalize being here, and writing this?  Ummmm.... oh yeah- experience(s).  I'm blessed with a history of travel.  From the age of five my father's work took us all over this country, and around the world. I learned that a privileged blonde haired (yes, I had hair in the olden days) white kid ain't the only show in town. I learned that everyone, rich or poor, old or young, dark or light, north or south, have opinions based on programming from their cultures, environments, and their 'tribes'/families. And, hard to swallow as it was at first, learned that all opinions are relevant and to be respected.  I learned to digest what I thought was/is wisdom, and to discard foolishness, and to form my own opinions and allow those opinions malleability. And here I am, many years later, sitting in a comfortable house at a cool little ski area in the northern woods of Michigan.  Only somewhat removed from our current four year term of 'unpleasantness'.  With the aforementioned in mind, let me look out the window, and report (I am, after all, only an observer). 


Once again in the past week we lost all our ground cover snow!  The culprits were warm and rain.  And once again, skiing was only marginally affected.  I imagine ticket sales were not marginally affected. Bummer.  But Caberfae's reputation is spreading, and soon our recent weather speed bumps will be forgotten.  Skiing has remained very good!  Snow guns hummed again last night, and our forecast is conducive to more snow making with few interruptions.  (See Caberfae's website, they've a reputation for honesty!)  They'll even start to make snow on South Peak!  If you remember- Tim's snow-making capacity had improved so much last season that they were able to make enough snow within a week to open that hill.  Well... snow-making ability is greater this year!  Keep your fingers crossed that we'll be on the South Peak triple soon. My ears get so attuned to the hum of snow guns that when they go silent, my mind panics!  Nothing's louder than silence.


I talked to Joe (Sun and Snow Ski Shop, and ski racing corner-stone) recently, apparently his shop has upgraded stone-grinder/tuner machines, and Caberfae's rental/tune shop now has his old grinder.  I need to stop over to Rental, sounds like they can provide a fairly complete ski service.  I know Joe can.  


It's a great time to live at Caberfae (hasn't it always been?), the ski area's such a natural that distant past mis-management, chicanery, and misfortune have failed to bring it down.  And now... enthusiasm, growth, imagination, and hard work have served to make our little gem prosper.  I hope all Meyers get their just rewards for making our skiing experience what it is, and will be.


As you can guess, XC is in its pre-season hibernation, yet.  That hasn't daunted our wee group.  We've been walking the trails, inspecting for further damage, and making certain our beer basement gatherings haven't lost steam.  It's amazing how little snow it takes for friends to bond.  Beer has something to do with it.


I'm aware that plans are forming for the club's annual New Year’s Eve party, I think that'll be on New Year’s Eve....  I'm hoping the grownups will allow me and my two favorite Bartender Babes to officiate behind the bar again, if only for a short while.  Watch this newsletter for more info.


And lastly, I've been meaning, and forgetting, to correct an omission from a couple weeks ago- in recognizing mover-shakers, helpers, and workers from this past Fall's accomplishments, I forgot former club president, long time grill master, and influential club member forever, Ron Kimball.  Ron's a member who does his 'stuff' without making a fuss.  So much so, that he can get over-looked.  My apologies, Ron.  You always step-up when the club needs you most.  (By the way, Ron currently serves on our Board of Directors, and is in line once again to be our president.). My hat's off...


Once again I'm inspired by my self-imposed 7:00 deadline, the aromas coming from the kitchen, and my tired and errant fingers to stop this directionless babbling. I'll see you on the weekend.




PS- Character is how you act when no-one is watching.  Don't look to Washington for examples, set your own standards high so others might follow. 






    WANT INSTANT RESPECT YOU DON’T HAVE TO EARN – BECOME A BARTENDER.  Here’s your personal invitation to be first on the list to dish out drinks up in the Stag’s Head lounge this year!  If you’re interested, please e-mail board president, Shane Demek at shanedemek@yahoo.com and let him know what days (Christmas week and Saturdays) you would like to bartend.  When you write, please leave a reliable email address and cell number in your email.  That’s so you can have a polite reminder before your night of fame (just in case something comes up in your life and we need to find a replacement).



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