Celebrating nearly 80 Years of Skiing and Lifelong Friendships

November 20, 2018      Vol. XII, #5


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1.  WELL, APPARENTLY YA’LL GOT THE MESSAGE as Sue reports, “It was the busiest opening weekend I can remember!”  While the air was chilly, the sun was shining, the snow was great, and the soup was hot.  Thank you, Sue, for rustling up some mighty fine vittles to get the season off on the right ski.

    This week, remember, the slopes open again Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10 A.M. and close at 5 P.M.  The clubhouse opens at 9:30 A.M. and the kitchen stops serving at 3 P.M.



2.  FAKE NEWS?  Well, incomplete news, to say the least.  It has come to the attention of the Caberfae Ski Club eNewsletter editorial board that information submitted by one, Norma Roelfsema, was, in fact, less than complete.  It appears she willingly and intentionally mislead the eNewsletter readers by understating the efforts of a volunteer club member.  Mr. Jeff Tayler, who himself was a witness and a willing participant to the efforts to transform the cafeteria from an Army Mess Hall to a proper Dining Room, had this to say.  “You may recall last week that a number of Club members were acknowledged for their volunteer work around the Club.  Additionally, we need to thank Norma Roelfsema for not only assisting the ‘First Coat Team,’ BUT single handedly applying the entire second coat of urethane to the new cedar in the dining room.”  The club’s Ethics and Good Moral Fiber Committee has been notified of the infraction.  You can be assured, if disciplinary action is taken, it will be fully reported here.



3.  WADDY’S NO BAD NEWS REPORT editor’s note: Please welcome back Waddy for another unpredictable season of wit, anecdotes, and observations of life while schussing hills and traversing trails, stirring up trouble and libations in the Stag’s Head Lounge, and spinning philosophical pearls of wisdom around his pool table.


Tuesday November 20, 2018


It's here, it's really here! I've skied twice already, way before anticipated.  Just when I thought Caberfae's commitment to getting me on-hill couldn't get better, they installed a bunch of new snow guns, along with appropriate infrastructure, and started making snow the instant my thermometer got down to 28 degrees! Truly amazing.  And true to form, the snow/skiing last Saturday was very good. In appearances, it was a replica of opening day last season, good coverage side-to-side, with a smattering of Fall leaves to keep it interesting. Then by Sunday they had made enough new snow to give early skiers about 2" of fresh whipped cream to slide on.  No leaves.  Delightful!  Only difference last year to this year, was, in my opinion, better attention to the transition from groomed surfaces to no snow at the sides of the hills.  It felt and looked less daunting if one should fail to remember to turn.  Typically, word is out about skiing here.  It didn't take long to allow me the excuse of 'too crowded' to leave the hills to those who don't have the ready access that I do.  Plus, a year older, a tad out of shape, and a victim of my own cooking recently (yes, Robin still in Ann Arbor.  As I type this, I'm awaiting her arrival for our Thanksgiving week here) was all I needed to get me off my skis and into the dining room. Sue was prepared, as usual.


Now, about that dining room... Many of you have seen it, many have not. I'm going to screw this up, I know I will.  Trying to remember all those responsible for the remodeling.  The effort was lead by Cathy Maher (remember her name when it comes time to elect new Board members), who coordinated the details and crews to get us through planning, destruction, gathering materials, and hiring a contractor (local Gent, Jeff Fauble), to effect what you will see when you get here.  The visual flow from the Boot room, to the Round room, and now into the Dining room is uninterrupted.  As usual, Paul Waug lent his skills in guiding a major re-wiring of the room.  You'll see a shelf for cell phones/computer re-charging, and outlets placed to aid our decorations crews.  New lighting was tried, and discarded for now.  They want if right.  I should mention those who participated: of course, Cathy, Jema Manley, Pat Bourassa, Tac Lee, Joe Host, Lauren Rule, Robin, and.... who am I forgetting?? It'll come to me after I hit the 'send' button...  And there were a few additional work bees to try to get everything ready for the new season. You know who you are.  Look closely at the carpentry, you'll see a high level of attention to detail which Jeff brought to the room.  In the few times I interrupted Jeff, I learned a lot. Deep breath.  Note as well, both downstairs bathrooms got much needed new sinks. Don Pikula installed nice, new, shiny white porcelain sinks with good solid fixtures.  Through all of the above club work it must be noted that our Prime Minister, Norma Roelfsema, was always, I mean always, in attendance! Norma's energy and attention to detail has raised the bar for one in her position (Club Treasurer).   I've watched that office rise to one of primary responsibility in the club starting with Dave Reiser some years ago.  Dave brought us into proper book-keeping  and got us on the road to computerization.  Cris and Diane Dippel took over from Dave, and detailed the books on computers.  I remember seeing the two of them put in many hours of downloading time.  Cris another high level detail pro. Marty Manley was next in line to juggle our money.  He was born in the club and it was always assumed that one day he would assume the lofty position of Treasurer.  He continued the efforts of those who set the standard.  He eventually succumbed to retirement and grandchildren, just in time to join the committee (former Treasurers and club officers) to seek and find Norma.  If you're in the club, and Norma enters, Look Busy!!


Enough of that.  I hope you can discern my enthusiasm for everything that's going on here at Caberfae!  Ski area management is totally committed to giving us the best ski package that Nature allows, and sometimes even defying those rules!  And our club is becoming an even cozier, more comfortable and welcoming home for members and guests.  I hope you approve.  (Don't bitch about details, they'll get ironed out, or Norma will fix them)


Watch Caberfae's website. They're planning on re-opening for skiing Friday thru Sunday this week.  You'll also notice some physical changes to the area as you enter. Parking lot has been expanded! The 'park' between the hotel and day lodge has greatly improved the resort's appearance (notice that's the first time I've called Caberfae a resort!).  Road surfaces are all improved, including access to club parking lot. Don't worry, you don't have to follow the arrows taking one up to the hotel portico!  Just drive in per usual, you'll figure it out.


OK, I'm through.  Gotta leave something to write about next week!  As always, I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone here.  You're going to love it!




PS- from Mark Twain: 'Opinions based upon theory, superstition, and ignorance are not very precious.




    WANT INSTANT RESPECT YOU DON’T HAVE TO EARN – BECOME A BARTENDER  Here’s your personal invitation to be first on the list to dish out drinks up in the Stag’s Head lounge this year!  If you’re interested, please e-mail board president, Shane Demek at shanedemek@yahoo.comand let him know what days (Christmas week and Saturdays) you would like to bartend.  When you write, please leave a reliable email address and cell number in your email.  That’s so you can have a polite reminder before your night of fame (just in case something comes up in your life and we need to find a replacement).



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