Celebrating nearly 80 Years of Skiing and Lifelong Friendships

February 5, 2019      Vol. XII, #17


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Clubhouse Grill opens for breakfast at 9:30 a.m. with service until 3 p.m. 

Lifts open at 10 a.m.

Caberfae’s Ticket Elf (for Season Pass holders) is available until 11:15 a.m.

Check out the TGIF Party in the Stag’s Head Lounge. We still need bartenders for this evening.  If you wish to help out contact Sam Hogg hogg.sam@gmail.comor Lauren Rule lauren.rule@gmail.com



Clubhouse Grill opens for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. with service until 3 p.m. 

Lifts open at 9 a.m.

Caberfae’s Ticket Elf is available until 11:15 a.m.

Après Ski Party in the Stag’s Head Lounge beginning at 4:30 p.m. with the Manleys and Dennings bartending.



Clubhouse Grill opens for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. with service until 3 p.m. 

Lifts open at 9 a.m.

Caberfae’s Ticket Elf (for Season Pass holders) is available until 11:15 a.m.

The barn door is pulled at 4 p.m. closing the Clubhouse Grill and Stag’s Head Lounge.



2.  A LOOK BACK AT FAMILY FUN DAY rose above the weather to win the day.  The great turnout was due in great part to the efforts of volunteers like Race Coordinator, James Netzley, and new members Josh and Brooke McTaggart who didn’t waste any time stepping up to tend bar, and event organizer, Paul Waug.  

Here are the results of the club’s kids races: 
2019 Consistency Championships            
Ages 0-10 Difference Place   Ages 11-16 Difference Place
Elise Koenig 0.06 1   Brooks Funke 0.11 1
Joshua Banchero 0.08 2   Georgette Sake 0.14 2
Erica Conradson 0.28 3   Brady Koenig 0.25 3
Zane Wallis 0.37 4   Onalee Wallis 0.63 4
Evie Putkela 0.74 5        
Henry VanHaren 1.23 6        
Perry Lavigne 1.46 7        
Colin Putkela 0.74 8        
Sophie VanHaren 3.12 9        
Giggle SL 0-6            
Louisa Ellis 20.43 1        
Grant Ellis 21.25 2        
Evelyn VanHaren 25.69 3        
Lila Widenfello 31.94 4        

3.  WADDY’S NO BAD NEWS REPORT – Tuesday, January 5th, 2019


I'm certain you're aware, once again Mother Nature has let us know who's in charge on this rock:  "You mess with Me, and I'll mess with you!"    Within a week we gained and lost a couple feet of snow.  We also experienced more than a couple days of extreme cold, followed by rain.  That's all behind us now, and we're back to what has become our norm- skiing artificial groomed snow.   Caberfae enjoyed what appeared (witness the parking lot!) a record attendance day last Saturday.   I got out early, but still only managed about an hour of skiing before being driven off the hill by the crowd.  Others who lasted longer came into the club reporting lift lines that started at the top of the hill!  People were getting off the chairs at the top,  and immediately getting into line!  I'm kidding of course, but makes one wonder...?  I saw a couple pics of lines, including the single lines, that went up the hills beyond the picture frame!  The positive side of this is that Caberfae has the capital to continue developing and improving.  And they do.


We skied this morning, starting with North Peak.  With flat light and 'hard' snow, I found myself having to force a more energetic frame of mind to ski aggressively, and safely.  A shift to South Peak found better snow.  Not as skied-out and 'noisy', and areas of fresh snow from a brief snow-making effort last night.  Through all this I constantly take heart in that the ski area is on our side!  I'm sure they'll freshen our skiing with new snow when they can.  Hang-in there, the best of winter is ahead of us.


Club Board elections are coming up.  Robin has chosen not to run again, to make room for younger blood.  I encourage you to think about who will actively participate in Board duties, and will attend meetings.  Their decisions shape our present and future.  We're lucky to have a history of good Boards, and that includes our present members.


Segue- a recent decision has been made to try raising the level of our entertainment.  We have a native son living in Harrietta, who has recently returned to his roots.  Luke Winslow King is from Cadillac, with a music education that has its formal foundation at Interlochen.  He then spent years in New Orleans, Europe and the greater US.  Luke is a blues guitarist and singer/songwriter who will play for us Saturday Feb. 16th from 4-7.  He's good, really good!  I've seen/heard him on several occasions locally, and recently saw his concert on PBS TV.  We can thank Norma Roelfsema and Sam Hogg's efforts to coordinate Luke's appearance.  Sam and Luke have been friends since at least CHS days.  Norma was able to plug Luke into the club calendar prior to his departure for a European tour starting in March.  Need I say more?


More accolades for Sam- he has assumed the role of guiding a bartending school, and coordinating prospective bartenders.  If you have an interest in serving the club in this capacity, get in touch with Sam.  It's a fun activity, and a great way to meet members quickly.  Another 

'Thanks', Sam.


XC?  It's up and down with the weather.  It won't take much new snow to restore our trails, so stay tuned, we'll go if we can.  Robin will be at a regional Nastar race this weekend, so don't expect much in the way of soups, I think she has prepared one...  I have beer. 


I can't think of anything else to say, and I'm not sure I would say it if something popped into my head anyway.  Robin's cooking, and whatever it is, is reminding me that I'm hungry!  UM basketball coming on at 8:00, it'll preempt state of the union address, for obvious reasons.


See you this weekend.




PS- Chinese proverb: "Don't speak unless you can improve on the silence."


PPS- high marks to Mike and Cathy Maher, they're enjoying skiing in Austria this week!  All signs are they're having a ball, and enjoying great skiing!  Dogs...




Let’s get ready for the Caberfae Caucus.  The Nominating Committee is excited to submit a list of four candidates running for two open seats in the upcoming election for board of directors of the Caberfae Ski Club.  Please take a moment to read about each candidate.  There are posters with photos of each candidate posted on the bulletin board so you can put a face with the name.  When you see these candidates around the clubhouse, please thank them for offering to serve the club.  


CSC Board Candidate



Hi, my name is Randy Conaway and I am running for your board.  For those of you who do not know me I am from Saginaw.  I like long runs down the slopes, warm nights by the fire and the crisp sound of a beer opening while watching the sun set as the snow falls. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Saginaw Valley State College (giving my age away) now known as Saginaw Valley State University.  I am currently employed with UPS where I have been for 43 years, with 29 years of perfect attendance.  


I have been skiing at Caberfae since I was 11 years old.  It has been fun watching the changes over the last 40+ plus years. Caberfae is a great relaxed family atmosphere.  I feel I know most of you from talking to you on the chair lift over the years and now as a member of the Caberfae Ski Club, I know your names.  The Caberfae Ski Club is an awesome club, very family oriented. The facility itself is clean, comfortable and cozy.  Well maintained.


If elected to the board, I will do my best to support and promote the activities of this amazing club.  I will always be available to hear your ideas, suggestions or concerns and present them to the other board members. I would be honored to preserve the CSC traditions along with making new traditions with current and future members. You can find me on the slopes, in the club having lunch or in the Stag’s Head Lounge.  


Before you cast your vote remember this: ‘It’s not what you say, it’s what you do”.  Thank you for your consideration.  Your vote is greatly appreciated.  See you on the Slopes.


CSC Board Candidate



Hi! I’m Mary Jane…..

My name is Mary Jane Dewey-Canfieldand I have had skiing in my blood since 1975 when my parents bought the little Pine Chata Ski shop in Cadillac.  After college and moving away from the area, we changed careers and moved back “home” to enjoy the Cadillac community.  


My love of skiing with my family; husband Tom, children Jimmy and Katie, has grown because of the club. Katie is on the High School ski team and Jimmy is in the Jr race program. The club has helped foster their ability to participate in these programs.   I am so grateful for the club.  To be with old friends and meet new friends every weekend is the epitome of a good life!  Now, it is time for me to give back.  I come to you with 15 years experience in marketing with Buick and over 10 years owning two businesses and managing a home loan center.  I am confident that my business and financial experience can aid to keeping the costs in balance while looking for ways to continue the momentum of improvement each year.  I offer great energy and am looking forward to serving our members.  I would appreciate your vote.  


CSC Board Candidate


I’m Cathy Maher, and I’d like to represent you on the Caberfae Ski Club board.  My husband Michael and I have been club members for 10 years.  In those years, we have made the best friends of our lives—so much so, that when I retired from teaching two years ago, we sold our house in suburban Detroit and made Cadillac our permanent home.


Weekends at the ski club were the backbone of our social calendar for years, and now I get to add weekday skiing and Wednesday night race league too!


I hope you like the improvements made to our dining room this summer.  I was excited to chair the committee that planned, contracted, and organized the remodel.  I’m looking forward to helping with the purchase of new dining room furniture and lighting for next year.


Projects like these are important to keep our club a comfortable and functional place for members. They also maintain the value of our facility.  I believe it is very important that improvements are part of a careful, long-term plan. As good stewards of the dues paid by members, the board needs to budget for maintenance, upgrades, and emergencies. And always, board members need to be guided by the wishes of the membership.


Caberfae Ski Club exists to serve its members.  Parents with young children, ski team families, local residents, downstate weekenders, and midweek skiers all use the club in different ways. It’s this mix of people and activity that keeps our club vibrant. The club should be responsive to the needs and wants of all these groups.  I would like to help the board plan events, provide services, and develop facilities that do this.


I’m pleased with recent use of technology at the club, such as email elections, and credit card payments. I hope that we will continue to investigate ways technology can improve the management of the club and communication between members and the board.


I feel that in addition to attending meetings, a board member should be in the club often and be present at most club events.  He or she should also be available to help with and oversee special projects—such as the dining room remodel. As a local resident and retiree, I have the time, ability, and desire to serve in this way.  I hope I can count on your vote in the upcoming election.  Thanks for your consideration, and see you on the slopes!


CSC Board Candidate


My name is Rick Stubbs and I am running for your board of directors. My wife, Mary (n’ee Porter - a Cadillac girl!) and I have been club members for three years. Prior to that, we were fortunate to spend a fair bit of time as guests of Mart and Teresa Williams during our five years on the waiting list. We currently reside in East Lansing and will retire within the year. Like others in the club have done, we will be making our cabin near Caberfae our permanent home.


As to my background, I’ve enjoyed a 38-year career as a financial advisor. I spent the first seven years with Merrill Lynch and the last thirty-one with Wells Fargo Advisors LLC. I earned my B.S. degree from the University of Arizona and my M.B.A. at Michigan State University.


Regarding relevant experience, in the past I served on various committees at our two local country clubs: The Country Club of Lansing and Walnut Hills Country Club. During that time, I was witness to both clubs undertaking, what I felt were ill-advised major clubhouse renovations, which involved taking on a lot of debt. The end result was both clubs eventually declaring bankruptcy and in 2018 Walnut Hills (founded in 1921) ceased to exist. These events reinforced my belief in fiscal conservatism and good stewardship. From what I’ve observed and have been told, it’s clear, that the Caberfae Ski Club Board of Directors has done an outstanding job of stewardship for many years and I would welcome the opportunity to do my part.


During our first few visits to the club, it quickly became clear to Mary and me that this was a truly special place. Learning about the history and traditions of the club has made it much more special.  I can’t adequately express how much we enjoy our association with the club and the great friendships we have made and continue to make.  Whether chosen for the board or not, I look forward to doing all I can to help maintain and enhance the club traditions and facilities, as well as the membership’s experience.  Thank you for your consideration.




Ski Club Book Club, Friday at 12:30

Friday Night Fish Fry … yup, Friday night

Kids Club Saturday  4 p.m.

Band Night in the Stag’s Head Lounge 4 – 7

Club’s open on Monday for President’s Day




This is your club and we’d like to hear your ideas to continually improve the Caberfae Ski Club for the enjoyment of you and your family.  Let us hear your suggestions. Email us at: caberfaeskiclub@caberfaeskiclub.org   If you have a story or an article you’ve written that you’d like to share with club members in the eNewsletter, please email or call the eNewsletter editor.




Caberfae Ski Club web page: www.caberfaeskiclub.org 

Send your favorite photo-moments from the club or the slopes to neffzone@yahoo.com

Club Wi-Fi Password:  Check the bulletin board in the hall near the dining room

Caberfae Ticket Agent available Fri, Sat., & Sun. until 11:15 a.m. 

Calendar of Events: www.caberfaeskiclub.org/calendar

Dinner Reservation Hotline: dinnerreservations@caberfaeskiclub.org

I Forgot to Make Dinner Reservation Phone Line: (231) 920-6769 (Sue’s personal cell phone)

General Caberfae Ski Club email address: caberfaeskiclub@caberfaeskiclub.org

Caberfae Peaks Resort: www.caberfaepeaks.com 


Board Members

Shane Demek, President, shanedemek@yahoo.com

Doug Frye, Immediate Past President, frye2526@yahoo.com

Ron Kimball, First Vice President, rfkimball4@gmail.com, (248) 515-5661

Paul Waug, Second Vice President, Social Chairman, waugelect@aol.com

Pat Bourassa, board member, ptsh002@gmail.com

Jeff Conradson, board member, jeff7714@gmail.com

Mary Jane Dewey-Canfield, board member, mjdc1@yahoo.com

Tac Lee, board member, etclee@att.net

Robin Potthoff, board member, robinpotthoff@gmail.com

Lauren Rule, board member, lauren.rule@gamil.com

Club Secretary/Treasurer

Norma Roelfsema, roelfsen@gmail.com

Assistant Club Treasurer

David Reiser, dhr49601@yahoo.com

Club Manager

Sue Egelus, seagle@charter.net

Club Webmaster

Jim Neff, neffzone@yahoo.com

Historical Committee

Bernie Bovee, boveeski2@gmail.com 

 Paul Williams, paulskiing@grar.com