Celebrating more than 80 Years of Skiing and Lifelong Friendships

January 8, 2019      Vol. XII, #12



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Clubhouse Grill opens for breakfast at 9:30 a.m. with service until 3 p.m. 

Lifts open at 10 a.m.

Caberfae’s Ticket Elf (for Season Pass holders) is available until 11:15 a.m.

Caberfae Ski Club Book Club will meet in the Stag’s Head Lounge at 12:30 p.m.

Check to see if there’s a TGIF Party in the Stag’s Head Lounge.  (From the parking lot, just look to see if there are lights on up on the second floor)



Clubhouse Grill opens for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. with service until 3 p.m. 

Lifts open at 9 a.m.

Caberfae’s Ticket Elf (for Season Pass holders) is available until 11:15 a.m.

Cross Country Ski Safari leaves from Waddy’s at 2:30 p.m.

Après Ski Party in the Stag’s Head Lounge beginning at 4:30 p.m. til the bartenders grow weary.

Ski Tuning Clinic at 5 p.m.

New Member Steak Fry 6 p.m.



Clubhouse Grill opens for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. with service until 3 p.m. 

Lifts open at 9 a.m.

Caberfae’s Ticket Elf (for Season Pass holders) is available until 11:15 a.m.

The barn door is pulled at 4 p.m. closing the Clubhouse Grill and Stag’s Head Lounge.




Thursday 1/17, Club Reunion Potluck with music by club DJ Glenn Stout.

Friday 1/18, Like Motel 6, if the light’s on up in the Stag’s Head Lounge, come on up.

Saturday 1/19, Band Night up in the Stag’s Head Lounge from 4 to 7 p.m.



3.  NEW MEMBER STEAK FRY won’t smoke up the new dining room this coming Saturday, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a fire, it’ll just be outside … right under the wood balcony.  This is one of the most popular events of the season, so if you’d like to join members, new and old, and enjoy steak instead of spam, follow this link to make your reservation.  DinnerReservations@CaberfaeSkiClub.org. Steak not your thing?  Anything on the menu board is always available for your culinary pleasure.  The bigger deal is, if Sue doesn’t hear from you by Thursday evening you may be on the short list for fried spam or tube steak … even if they’re not on the menu. New members, this is the only free anything you’ll ever receive from the Caberfae Ski Club. And, like at the airport, don’t listen to strangers.  Don’t let seasoned members talk you into adopting their children for the evening.  They need to pay for their kids own dinner.  Hey, it’s only $11 for kids (12 and under).  Anyone over 12 pays just $18.  BTW, if you still have Christmas guests who haven’t yet left, bring them along. Guests are welcome … and who knows, maybe you can find someone to house them.  Anyway, make your plans and reservations to party at 6 p.m. Saturday evening.



4.  THE NEW CABERFAE SKI CLUB BOOK CLUB will hold its second meeting on Friday (1/11) at 12:30 p.m. This will be hosted by Julie Chesney in the Stag’s Head Lounge.  They will be discussing the book, “Same Kind of Different as Me,” by Ron Hall and Denver Moore.  Both members and friends of members are welcome to participate.  I have also been assured, the proximity of the meeting and the club wine cellar is only coincidental and nothing more.



5. JOE’S SKI TUNING CLINIC FOR DUMMIES AND SMARTIES. Obviously, the only people interested in Joe’s tuning clinic here would be of the Smarty variety.  This Tuning Clinic hosted by Mr. Host, ski tuner extraordinaire, will take place someplace indoors at the club at 5 p.m.



6.  WADDY’S NO BAD NEWS REPORT - Tuesday January 8th, 2019


It’s noon, and I'm writing this rather than finishing up a morning ski.  Bummer.  From my chair I can see birds on the feeders on our back deck, and I can see fog.  Just can't see through it. Yes, we've suffered another brief round or warm and wet, but.... we're on the tail end of it.  And... temp is forecast to start dropping soon, and snow is predicted to keep our spirits up.  I've learned to take advantage of these forced days off by taking care of those little tasks around the house that I usually manage to dodge.  But Robin's on to me, and reminds me, constantly.  I am satisfied.


Tomorrow eve we start our annual Wednesday Night Race League.  I'm not much of a racer, but I love the banter at the top of the hill as we try to psyche each other out, and the profiling that has been going on since last season, and the past 40 years!  Imagining myself looking svelte (I learned to like that word from a friend) in my GS suit, emphasis on 'imagining'.  Our 'beer league' started in the late '70s before either Peak was here.  We raced on Canyon, and had a very cool start shack with provisions for dual racers on two courses side-by-side.  That shack provided a time of great 'trash talk' as we stood side-by-side waiting to go.  We could cram our elbows against the framing to gain leverage in our starts, and then all hell broke loose on our wee journey to the finish line.  It's a whole different race when you're side-by-side!  Kicking, scrambling, 'verbalizing' (?) trying to catch up or sustain your advantage.  All capped by wondering which way the other guy was going to turn at the finish area.  Always interesting.  In those days we raced on Monday nights, and we met afterward at Arlo's Pub for hand-written result sheets.  We raced on long, straight skis!  We wore bumper sweaters to reduce the whack of bamboo gates.  Bruises were almost part of the code of honor.  When I stand at the top of South Peak on Wednesday nights now, I still see some of our original racers, but mostly in my mind.  Except for Larry Walters, I'm senior (OK, oldest...).  Now equipped with a new knee, new race skis, and I've managed to gain some new weight hoping it to give me some sort of advantage.  Ah, sweet rationalization.  It doesn't really matter, any of it, it's all part of the fun of skiing. I love participating, I love watching the enthusiasm of younger, and very young racers, I love the challenge, I even like the time spent at my tuning bench in faux preparation.  As I've said in the past- if I can't beat 'em, I'll do my damndest to out-live 'em!  Huge thanks to my mentors here at Caberfae in years past, those who taught me ski with some sort of technique. Jim Wickham making agonizingly slow reverse shoulder turns on the smallest of bumps in the snow, Curt Martin who brought Jim's style forward and made it all look smooth, and fun.  All the Caberfae 'seniors'- Monty, Sperry, Ed, Dale, Denny, and more, who always taught and encouraged me.  And of course those race coaches who taught me to throw away all the former technique and get my feet apart!!  Racing....  


OK, I know I'm rambling, again.  I'm glancing out our back windows again.  The birds are still there, so's the fog. I just realized I've been writing through the fog of my past.  I hope you've enjoyed some of what I remember.


The last newsletter writing was New Year’s Eve.  I can't pass up an opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the inevitable butt-rubbings that occur behind the bar as Julie, Karen, and I attempt to attend you. I hope it was good for them, and you.  Always fun, and this year's party did not suffer in spite of nasty weather.  Sue reported that somebody's club closing technique did suffer, however.  I hope that gets addressed.


I had one more really, really important thing to talk about, now what was it...?  Couldn't have been politics or religion, those have already been addressed, over and over and over.  Couldn't have been global manipulations by artificial intelligence, I'm not smart enough to address that.  Must have been what I'm going to watch on TV tonight, I think perhaps a satire, or a comedy.  I've had enough of tragedy.


I'll talk to you next week, maybe see you this weekend.




PS- welcome home William and Nicholas!


PPS- "The broad mass of a nation...will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small one."  Adolph Hitler, from 'Mein Kampf' 



7.  WANNA BE A BIG SHOT, AND CALL THE SHOTS WHILE SERVING UP SHOTS?  OK, how about learning to bartend?  Our club strives to have volunteer bartenders signed up from 4:30 - 9:00 PM each Saturday to provide regular hours of service to the membership.  It’s a great way to meet new people, get work bee credit, and guilt others into buying you drinks. Nearly every bartending date in February and March is still open and we don’t want lack of trained bartenders to be the reason.  If you are a new member or an existing member who wants to brush up your skills, please join us January 12th.from 3 to 4 p.m. for Bartender with Sam.  Sam Hogg bartended his way through college and business school and can share all the tricks of the trade, from washing dishes to making White Russians. No reservations needed, just show up! 



8.  CSC BY-LAWS will be on the agenda for the Annual Meeting in February.  You can find the proposed new by-laws on the club website at www.caberfaeskiclub.org. They might be interesting reading while having a root canal.



9.  SKI PIONEER AND CABERFAE SKI CLUB FRIEND, DON THOMAS, DIES.  Who among us has never heard on Don Thomas Sporthaus, but how knew he was a friend of Caberfae Ski Club and helped clear the land to build the clubhouse?  Check out the club website for a story on Don Thomas.  www.caberfaeskiclub.org





This is your club and we’d like to hear your ideas to continually improve the Caberfae Ski Club for the enjoyment of you and your family.  Let us hear your suggestions. Email us at: caberfaeskiclub@caberfaeskiclub.org   If you have a story or an article you’ve written that you’d like to share with club members in the eNewsletter, please email or call the eNewsletter editor.




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