Celebrating nearly 80 Years of Skiing and Lifelong Friendships

January 9, 2018      Vol. XI, #10


“Baby it was STILL cold outside, but for those who braved the elements the rewards were plentiful.  Sunny skies, great snow, terrific grooming, no lift lines, no boomboxes, and wide open slopes.  Who cares if it was 7 degrees below zero?  It was Nirvana!  And if that wasn’t enough, Keenan Cooper warmed up the Stag’s Head Lounge with his unique style of guitar licks for the après-ski crowd, while his folks, Brian and Stacy, tended bar.


Inside this issue:


2.  NEW MEMBER STEAK NIGHT – This weekend













Clubhouse Grill opens for breakfast at 9:30 a.m. with service until 3 p.m.

Lifts open at 10 a.m.

Caberfae’s Ticket Elf is available until 11:15 a.m.

Après Ski Party in the Stag’s Head Lounge.



The Clubhouse Grill opens for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. with service until 4 p.m.

Lifts open at 9 a.m.

Caberfae’s Ticket Elf is available until 11:15 a.m.

Après Ski Party in the Stag’s Head Lounge with guest bar tenders Tom and Jaqueline Winquist. 

New Member Steak Night (see below)



The Clubhouse Grill opens for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. with service until 3 p.m.

Lifts open at 9 a.m.

Caberfae’s Ticket Elf is available until 11:15 a.m.

The barn door is pulled at 4 p.m. closing the Clubhouse Grill and Stag’s Head Lounge.



2.   NEW MEMBER STEAK NIGHT – This weekend, Saturday, January 13th. 

Attention New Member, this is the last free anything you’ll ever receive from the Caberfae Ski Club, so you might want to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  And if that’s not enough, there’ll be a live band rocking the house from 4 to 7 p.m.  So members, new and old, make plans and reservations dinnerreservations@caberfaeskiclub.org to join the fun.  Chef Dave Reiser put pen to paper recently to tease us about the gastronomic experience that awaits.  “New members will be guests of the club for this outstanding culinary experience.  Old long-time Master Chefs Dave Reiser, Ron Kimball and Charlie Woodbury will reunite and re-ignite the club’s outdoor grill, affectionately known as ‘The Incinerator.’ They will be preparing a traditional ski club, French style culinary delight, known as ‘Le Stake Joan D’arc.’  Fighting massive flames and working under the most adverse conditions of inclement weather, the chefs will prepare, for the dining connoisseur, a delicious steak cooked precisely the way each guest desires. Raw (not even put close to the fire); blood-red; slightly tanned; over-done; cook the snot out of it; scorched; immolated; or incinerated.  OK, what these three Musketeers don’t know is that Sue has declared the grill area an “alcohol free zone” (they think it means free alcohol).  The word is that these steaks are pretty special.  The fun starts in the Stag’s Head Lounge with cocktails throughout the afternoon (except for the cooks), and dinner served around 6pm …  maybe 6:30 p.m. in the Clubhouse Grill.  So, if you joined the club within the last 12 months, it’s free!  Everybody else gets to pay $18 for adults, and $12 for kids 12 and under.  If you’ve got a picky eater, Sue will serve up anything on the menu board at menu board prices.  To reserve your spot, click the Reservation Hotline dinnerreservations@caberfaeskiclub.org.  By the way, if Guy Benson says he’s a new member again this year, don’t believe him.



3.  WADDY’S NO BAD NEWS REPORT – Tuesday January 9th, 2018

Hi Everyone!  I'm just in for a brief interlude between skiing and a pool match with Larry Walters.  Its a beautiful 25 degree afternoon with plenty of sunshine and no wind.  Almost perfect.  Yesterday was perfecter- colder, a bit windy, moderate light, but a light layer of fresh snow on top a nicely groomed base.  It was truly 'Hero snow', both Robin and I on race skis, skiing invincibly everywhere.  My sense of being a fair-weather skier dictates I much prefer yesterday to today's sun.  I know, heresy!  But I know what makes me whole, and I was grinning on the inside all of yesterday, well after skiing was accomplished.  A look into the future (we can do that now!) shows temps will climb into the 40's next two days (Wed & Thurs) before plunging back into the teens for highs.  There's a 40% chance it won't rain tomorrow, and a 10% chance it won't rain on Thursday.  Good day for indoor projects.  I know perfectly well that our snow will suffer some, but in a few days we'll never know there's was anything but winter.  I'm more concerned for our XC trails, which so far have been very good.  Doug and Jeff continue to keep them mechanically groomed, but lack of fresh snow makes that difficult.  Stay tuned, we'll see how interesting is the future as is slides into the past.  The weather's always the same in my pool room, the Club bar, Arlo's, and Coyote Crossing.  No excuse for dour dispositions.

Wed. Night Race League starts tomorrow evening.  I'm starting to see our local 'hot-shots' getting in their pre-race training: a few carved turns; course strategy talks on the chair; then hours in the bar lamenting this year's body...  It's why we do it, sorta like 'that mountain'.  I remain true to my long-term strategy: I intend to out-live my competition!

OK, gotta go, Larry's here, and I hear pool balls rattling downstairs.  Time to conjure a pre-match plan to squish Larry's positive psyche.  We do play for burgers, and that ain't hay!

I'll see you on the Peaks, or at the Club for this Saturday's New Members' Dinner, always fun.

Be well, and ride the high, everything cycles....


 PS- Three things can not long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.- Buddha



4.  WHAT’S COMING UP … CLUB REUNION POTLUCK … the way things used to be.  Thursday evening, January 18th.  Bring your favorite crock-pot cuisine to the Clubhouse Grill and experience the tastes and smells of how things used to be. 



5.  GUEST POLICY UPDATE:  At a recent meeting of the CSC Board of Directors, there was clarification regarding Guest Fees presented in the Guest Policy (available on the club website https://www.caberfaeskiclub.org/policies/ ).  The new language clarifies a student is charged $5/day, an adult, $10/day; and a family, $15/day.  Remember to sign-in your guest with Sue in the Clubhouse Grill.  For purposes of levying a fee, a guest is defined as one who boots up in the clubhouse on a day when the Clubhouse Grill is open.  In other words, planning to use the clubhouse as a base of operation, just as a member does.  No guest fee is required if you run into friends on the slopes and invite them in for a meal, or cocktails in the Stag’s Head Lounge.  In addition, no fee is required if a guest accompanies you to a club event … like the New Years Eve dinner. 





a.  CONSIDER RUNNING FOR THE BOARD.  The volunteer engine that powers the Caberfae Ski Club has purred along for nearly 80 years.  To keep this engine well oiled, each year members elect two new board members to four year terms, to oversee the business of running the club.  Now, in addition to the prestige and instant respect you don’t have to earn, the real reason the current board members tossed their names into the ring was so they could move directly to the top of the coveted Park Pass list.  Oh yeah!  Board members are extended the opportunity to purchase a Parking Pass during their tenure in office.  So if you’d like members to call you “Sir” or “Ma’am” check with Tac Lee etclee@att.net or Paul Waug waugelect@aol.com and see how you too could become a CSC Board Member… and move directly to the top of the Parking Pass list.  Find their contact information at the bottom of each eNewsletter.


b. CHRISTMAS IS STILL IN THE AIR … you know, the part where ‘it’s better to give, than to receive.’  Yeah … I never bought into that either.  But, it does soothe the soul to volunteer and we have some easy opportunities for you to help out and save the day.


Saturday, January 13th

New Member Steak Dinner 6pm

Volunteer needed to help setup. 

Crew Chief: Lou Kimbel, (248) 320-0823


Thursday, January 18th

Club Reunion Pot Luck 6pm

Straw Boss: Bonnie Stout, (616) 302-0974


Friday, January 26th

Fish Fry 6pm

Volunteer needed to head up setting tables.

Contact: Sue in the kitchen, (231) 920-6769


c.  STILL CALLING ALL BARTENDERS  Well, it looks like a lot of folks have been getting ready for the opening of bartending season. ‘Bottle caps’ off to those who have contacted Shane and worked to fill the schedule.  And, it’s not too late to signup.  It would be a really sad day if there wasn’t anyone available to pop your cork.  If you are interested in tending bar for an evening, please e-mail Shane Demek at shanedemek@yahoo.com and let him know what days (Christmas week and Saturdays) you’d be willing to!  When you write, please leave a reliable email address and phone number in your email.  That’s so we can give you a polite reminder before your night of fame (just in case something comes up and we need to find a replacement). 


Currently Available Dates:

January 14th, 20th, 27th

February: 3rd, 10th, 18th (President’s Day weekend), 24th

March: 3rd, 10th, 17th


Please email Shane Demek shanedemek@yahoo.com. a couple of different nights you would be available, just in case multiple people want to bartend on the same evening.


Things to Note:

        Friday nights are available as long as there is enough interest and a board member will be around to help close. 

    There will be a small refresher required prior to bartending from a board member the day of, just to re-hash things like prices, how to use the cash register, and closing procedures.

    Also, we are asking everyone to make the commitment on the night you are bartending to stay until at the very least 9p.m., so all those closing down the slopes can still enjoy a nice après ski toast.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Shane at shanedemek@yahoo.com.


A sign-up sheet will be posted upstairs, near the bar.



This is your club and we’d like to hear your ideas to continually improve the Caberfae Ski Club for the enjoyment of you and your family.  Let us hear your suggestions. Email us at: caberfaeskiclub@caberfaeskiclub.org   If you have a story or an article you’ve written that you’d like to share with club members in the eNewsletter, please email or call the eNewsletter editor.



Caberfae Ski Club web page: www.caberfaeskiclub.org  

Send your favorite photo-moments from the club or the slopes to neffzone@yahoo.com 

Club Wi-Fi Password:  Check the bulletin board at the bottom of the stairs

Caberfae Ticket Agent available Fri, Sat., & Sun. until 11:15 a.m. 

Calendar of Events: www.caberfaeskiclub.org/calendar/ 

Dinner Reservation Hotline: dinnerreservations@caberfaeskiclub.org  

I Forgot to Make Dinner Reservation Phone Line: (231) 920-6769(Sue’s personal cell phone).

General Caberfae Ski Club email address: caberfaeskiclub@caberfaeskiclub.org

Caberfae Peaks Resort: www.caberfaepeaks.com 


Board Members

Shane Demek, President, shanedemek@yahoo.com

Doug Frye, Immediate Past President, frye2526@yahoo.com 

Ron Kimball, First Vice President, rfkimball4@gmail.com

Paul Waug, Second Vice President, Social Chairman,waugelect@aol.com

Jeff Conradson, board member, jeff7714@gmail.com

Mary Jane Dewey-Canfield, board member, mjdc1@yahoo.com  

Connie Houk, board member, croppinconnie@yahoo.com 

Robin Potthoff, board member, robinpotthoff@gmail.com 

Tac Lee, board member, etclee@att.net


Secretary & Treasurer: Norma Roelfsema, roelfsen@gmail.com

Assistant Club Treasurer: David Reiser, dhr49601@yahoo.com

Club  Manager: Sue Egelus, seagle@charter.net 

Club Webmaster: Jim Neff, neff@neffzone.com

Historical Committee: Bernie Bovee, boveeski2@gmail.com  and

Paul Williams, paulskiing@grar.com 

eNewsletter: Pat Goggin, editor, enewsletter@caberfaeskiclub.org   (231) 920-8592