COVID Information & Updates

COVID UPDATE - from club president, Pat Bourassa - Posted November 23, 2021


Much to our dismay, Covid is still an issue this season. The board continues to follow the latest recommendations and is dedicated to keeping our members safe while enjoying the club.


This year you will not need to sign in when coming into the club.


As recommended by the MDHHS Public Health Advisory, we are asking that all members be masked when indoors and not eating or drinking.


Like last year there will be a limited number of tables and chairs available to encourage social distancing as much as possible. Please be sure to allow others their personal space.


Our dining room will be open this year. Take out food will be available for those who aren’t comfortable dining indoors.


Similar to last year, the children’s toys will not be available for use.


When the bar is open, a staff bartender will be serving. Bar items will be available through the dining window when the bar is not open.


Members did a great job of navigating the changing environment last year. Thank you very much for doing your part!

General Information About COVID Interruptions at the CSC  --  Posted December 12, 2020


This document will be updated as the COVID situation evolves.


The Caberfae Ski Club COVID Preparedness and Response Plan has been drafted as required by MIOSHA (Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration).  This plan is posted on the club website, as well as on the clubhouse bulletin boards.


All members, guests and staff are to wear a mask and practice social distancing while inside the clubhouse.


If you learn you have a positive case of COVID-19, and you have been inside the clubhouse, please notify either Sue, Norma, or any board member, as soon as possible, so contact tracing may begin. 


Members and guests are to sign-in once each day.  This is for contact tracing in the event of a COVID situation.  Members and guest will find a sign-in notebook inside the parking lot door and another in the round room near the front door.


Members are asked to self-monitor room capacities and be respectful of posted numbers. Let’s all work together to keep the clubhouse open this season.


Be advised: If board members or staff learn of a COVID exposure, the building must be closed immediately for cleaning.  Members will not be allowed re-entry, even to gather personal items ... like car keys.  The clubhouse will remain closed until the cleaning process has been completed.  This may take a couple of hours … not days.


Due to capacity issues, members and guests are asked to boot-up quickly and hit the slopes, so others may use the facility.  Unfortunately, members may not linger in the clubhouse to swap lies until the Michigan COVID restrictions have been lifted.  Similar to the resort’s lodge, you may access the clubhouse to use the restrooms, but not to warm up, congregate or eat. Hopefully this will change, but we are limited by the current (Mi Dept. of Health and Human Services) MDHHS rules.


On the other hand, with proper social distancing you may bring your own lunch to the new outdoor space surrounding the firepit, or the sundeck outside the Stag’s Head Lounge.  


The Caberfae Ticket Elf will be taking up shelter just outside the front door, near one of those fancy new heaters.  One would be wise to leave room for the elf next to a heater.  If not, they just may just grab your ski pass and toss it up into the heater.  This is how the Tim and Pete Meyer pick up a little extra beer money ... replacing lost ski passes.


Regrettably, special club events and activities are not able to be scheduled this season.


Food and Bar Service Under COVID Rule


Until the current pause on Dine-in food service is lifted, inside dining and bar service of any kind will not be available.  The board will meet again on December 20th to review any new government updates and make appropriate changes.


The board is currently working on ways for members to pre-order and pick up food from the club kitchen.


When allowed, the plan is to have a bartender on Friday’s and Saturday’s from 3-7pm


… and just to remind those who like to read between the lines:  Only alcohol purchased from the club may be consumed on club property, indoors and out.


Carry-in food is currently prohibited indoors during the pause.  This may change when indoor dining has resumed.


If we ever get back to indoor dining, guests and mother-in-law’s will again be welcome.


Hand sanitizer is available throughout the clubhouse. If you see anyone refilling their personal bottles, please “narc them out” to a mom with school age children.  She’ll know how to deal with them.


To enhance the experience when using new outdoor fire pit area, an official request has been filed by the club with the Michigan Liquor Commission to extended the footprint of the club liquor license to include the fire pit. Watch for updates on this request. 


The new outdoor area and the Sun Deck, off the Stag’s Head Lounge, may be used to visit with friends while maintaining social distance.


Please, only those over 18 yrs. are permitted to operate the new outdoor fire pit or heaters.

Caberfae Ski Club COVID Preparedness and Response Plan

Caberfae Ski Club Covid Preparedness and Response Plan
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